Friday, June 1, 2012

Post Partum Push Up: Part 2

I had to slow down for my 2nd week post partum.  My energy dwindled and my baby boy has been up more some nights, but hey, if he needs to eat all night long, so be it!  He's gaining well!

The top picture is me 1 week post partum.  The bottom is nearly 2 weeks post partum.  I've kind of leveled off in the belly shrinkage and my appetite.  Breast feeding makes me HUNGRY all the time, so my goal for week 3 is to be more mindful of what I eat and make sure I don't over eat.  I need plenty of healthy fats and proteins, plus iron-rich foods.

I haven't been belly binding too much because of the heat and the binder kind of gets in the way sometimes.  The weather has fallen cooler, so I should probably strap it back on.  Exercise has basically been housework, though I've started posture exercises and managed to do 2 sun salutations today.  My abs are SHOT, especially my lower abs.  GONE!  I knew I'd have to start very slow since I was on modified bed rest for so long on top of being so ill throughout the pregnancy.  I've been sedentary for nearly 8 months straight!  It's going to take a lot of work with a slow beginning to get me back in shape!  One day at a time.

I was going to start my Wii Fit today, but the batteries died in my Wii board and I only had 3 AA's in the battery drawer.  I need 4.  It's probably a good thing.  I don't usually like to weigh myself until 6 weeks post partum.  I will measure myself then, too.  My simple goal is for my waistline to be at or below 32" by 6 weeks post partum.  My overall goal is to get my old waistline back, which usually hovers between 26 and 28".

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