Thursday, August 1, 2013

Little Ways to Improve Your Health

There is a saying out there that no amount of exercise will undo a bad diet, and it is true, but often a complete lifestyle overhaul is too much for a person to deal with....and succeed.  I, myself, have taken baby steps over two decades, as my knowledge, research and ability grew.  I'm still growing and learning and always will!

I am a proponent of baby steps to better health.  If you can take a giant leap, by all means, go for it!  But, if those giant leaps leave you feeling overwhelmed and doomed to failure, take baby steps and build on them.  Like a young toddler, you'll soon find yourself running!

Here's a list of little ways you can improve your health:

Stop bringing home goodies.
Replace your ice cream bowl with a cup of yogurt.
Stop leaning over your shopping cart.  Stand up straight and push.
Practice posture improvement.
Do your kegals!
Sleep commando or in the buff.  Your body needs to air out!
Massage your breasts.
Replace a cup of coffee with a cup of quality tea.
Ditch the fancy creamers.
Replace sugar with rapadura.
Stop buying canola oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, shortening and margarine.
Ditch the breakfast cereal or bagel in the morning and have oatmeal, instead.
Buy the "Dirty Dozen" in organic.
Switch out your aluminum-filled antiperspirant with a non-aluminum alternative.
Switch out your fluoride toothpaste for a non-fluoride alternative.
Stop buying artificially colored products.
Stop buying artificially sweetened products.
Eat more soups (not canned).
Visit your farmer's market.
Drink enough water.
Switch to whole milk, preferably raw, if you can.
Book a massage.
Walk more.
If you're married and you know it, have more sex. (Sung to "If You're Happy and You Know It)
Reduce your chemical usage (cleaning products for body and home)
Get a good night's sleep.
Turn off the TV!
Go to church.
Get a little unprotected, indirect sun. 
Join a CSA.