Friday, June 22, 2012

PPPU - 6

Dedication has paid off.  A lack of appetite has, too.  I'm measuring in at the end of this week at 137.5 lbs!  I surpassed my goal!  My Wii says I'm losing weight too fast, but my Wii also doesn't know that these are post partum pounds and I'm breast feeding.  Also, weight can fall off fast in spurts and then stop until you jump start your metabolism again.  My Wii also set my goal weight to 119 lbs, which I think will be too skinny.  I've always weighed more than I looked.  I must have heavy guts or something.  :b

Next Saturday is my cousin's big picnic.  I'm going to wear a swimsuit and go swimming!  Usually, I'm too self concious about my figure, worried that someone might not find me attractive.  Well, the little negative voices in my head can shut the h-e-double hockey stick up.  I just had my 4th baby, I'm doing GREAT at getting my strength back and dropping the post partum pounds.  Who CARES if my belly is still loose and poochy.  My family doesn't!  Although, I think it would be awesome to be 135 lbs at the picnic, but more than just the number, I'd like to be a bit more toned and STRONGER!  Which reminds me, I haven't tried my push-up today!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PPPU - 1 month post partum

The top photo is me just before I got pregnant.  I was 120 lbs after being sick from well contamination.  Hubby thinks me too skinny in that picture.  He likes me a little heavier.  I was bouncing between 128-130 lbs when I got pregnant.

The bottom picture is me at 1 month post partum, taken yesterday.  I'm 141 lbs with a 31" waist and 39" hips.  Hubby LOVES this Mae West curvier me.  I do, too!  If you get the right mindset it can be fun to embrace your changing body and have fun with it throughout your childbearing years.  There's something sexy about a slim waistline, but there's something sexy about womanly softness and curves, too.

My short term goal is to get to 140 lbs by the end of this week.  That'll put me at the 10 lb face-off where I have to work harder.  To get below 130 lbs, I really have to push it and that may not fare well for my milk supply, so I'll be happy to stick with 130 lbs, at least until after I'm done breast feeding.

Speaking of breast feeding, I was afraid that losing this weight so soon after giving birth would have a harmful affect on my supply.  So far so good!  It helps that I am eating a healthful, high-fat diet and being careful about carbs and sugars.  Eggs in cultured butter, raw milk, yogurt, sprouted grain breads, fruits, veggies, meats, coconut's all good!

Anyhow, today, I started regular workouts.  I did the 40 minute The Firm Cardio Party.  I realized two things:  1. I'm not as out of shape as I thought I was...I did the whole party and kept up!  2. I need a really good supportive sports bra to keep these lactating puppies still!  Owie!!  How you big busted girls do it, I don't know.  I'm used to my more diminutive size.

Before I publish this post, I wanted to just make one thing clear:  I'm certainly not advocating rushing the post partum weight loss and fitness thing like the celebrities do.  I was going to wait until 6 weeks post partum to start much of anything, but my recovery after this birth was so fast and I felt so good so soon that I really wanted to start and felt like I needed to start early.  Every pregnancy is different.  My first two, I needed stitches and that slowed me up.  My third, my ab muscles split during the pregnancy and afterwards I had a prolapse AND a hernia.  Even at 6 months post partum I couldn't do anything that required jumping or laying down ab workouts.  So, as always, consult your physician and listen to your body.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


So, here I am nearly 4 weeks post partum!  I stepped on my Wii board and was down another lb. to 142 lbs, but my Wii says I'm overweight.  Yeah, I KNOW, I just had a baby!  The Wii wants me down to just below 120 lbs.  Hubby likes me around 130 lbs.  I like me around 125 lbs, so I'm not going to put my stock in numbers completely.  I did make a Wii Fit goal of losing 5 lbs within the next month.

Anyhow, I've been exercising more and feeling great because of it!  It not only boosts metabolism and energy, but it boosts my self-confidence~something I've been lacking in for a while.  I love feeling and getting stronger!  Yesterday, I could only do 3 half-push-ups in plank position.  Today, I did 5 in a row and was able to get closer to the ground!  Soon, I'll be able to do a REAL push-up and reach my goal!

I'm thankful that my appetite isn't as big as it was post partum.  I always have a HUGE appetite after having a baby, probably for the milk supply.  Now that things are regulating again in my body, I'm not as hungry.

I look forward to thinning down more and toning up.  It's rather annoying to not fit into almost all of my clothing, but it is only good to lose healthfully.

Oh, and I'm below 32" in my waistline now, too!  Yay!  I'd like to be back to my usual 27-28".  I'd be jumping for joy if I got back down to 26".  I haven't seen 26" since I got pregnant with my 2nd child!

Monday, June 11, 2012


So, now I'm getting all post-modern and instead of Post Partum Push-Up Part whatever, I'm just going to do PPPU-whatever.  I don't have much to update on today, so I thought I'd explain why I'm calling it Post Partum Push-Up.  My short term goal is to be able to do push-ups.  As I said before, all the illnesses and bedrest I was on during my pregnancy really weakened me.  Push-ups are my goal....real push-ups.

When I get the push-up goal accomplished, I'm changing the name to Post Partum Pull-Up!  It is actually on my bucket list to be able to finally do a pull-up.  I've never been able to do one!

What's on your fitness bucket list?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Post Partum Push Up: Part 3

I finally weighed myself.  145 lbs.  I'm pleased.  That's my usual post partum weight at 6 weeks.  That means I have 15 lbs to lose to fit in most of my clothes.  Starting today, I hope to lose a pound a week.  I shouldn't lose any more than that and I shouldn't go below 130 lbs until I'm done breast feeding.  Otherwise, I lose my milk supply.

I'm not very strong and my abs are shot.  If I'm laying on the floor, I cannot sit up.  I have to roll to my side and use my arms and legs to get up.  But, I started some ab exercises with my kids (tummy rides on my legs and airplane rides on my feet up in the air.)  I'm also doing sun salutations.  Yesterday, I did 3 in a row.  Funny how I can hold plank pretty well, but I can't do a crunch or sit-up!  Today, I plan on doing 5 in a row.  It doesn't sound like much, but as I said, it is going to be a slow start.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Post Partum Push Up: Part 2

I had to slow down for my 2nd week post partum.  My energy dwindled and my baby boy has been up more some nights, but hey, if he needs to eat all night long, so be it!  He's gaining well!

The top picture is me 1 week post partum.  The bottom is nearly 2 weeks post partum.  I've kind of leveled off in the belly shrinkage and my appetite.  Breast feeding makes me HUNGRY all the time, so my goal for week 3 is to be more mindful of what I eat and make sure I don't over eat.  I need plenty of healthy fats and proteins, plus iron-rich foods.

I haven't been belly binding too much because of the heat and the binder kind of gets in the way sometimes.  The weather has fallen cooler, so I should probably strap it back on.  Exercise has basically been housework, though I've started posture exercises and managed to do 2 sun salutations today.  My abs are SHOT, especially my lower abs.  GONE!  I knew I'd have to start very slow since I was on modified bed rest for so long on top of being so ill throughout the pregnancy.  I've been sedentary for nearly 8 months straight!  It's going to take a lot of work with a slow beginning to get me back in shape!  One day at a time.

I was going to start my Wii Fit today, but the batteries died in my Wii board and I only had 3 AA's in the battery drawer.  I need 4.  It's probably a good thing.  I don't usually like to weigh myself until 6 weeks post partum.  I will measure myself then, too.  My simple goal is for my waistline to be at or below 32" by 6 weeks post partum.  My overall goal is to get my old waistline back, which usually hovers between 26 and 28".