Friday, June 22, 2012

PPPU - 6

Dedication has paid off.  A lack of appetite has, too.  I'm measuring in at the end of this week at 137.5 lbs!  I surpassed my goal!  My Wii says I'm losing weight too fast, but my Wii also doesn't know that these are post partum pounds and I'm breast feeding.  Also, weight can fall off fast in spurts and then stop until you jump start your metabolism again.  My Wii also set my goal weight to 119 lbs, which I think will be too skinny.  I've always weighed more than I looked.  I must have heavy guts or something.  :b

Next Saturday is my cousin's big picnic.  I'm going to wear a swimsuit and go swimming!  Usually, I'm too self concious about my figure, worried that someone might not find me attractive.  Well, the little negative voices in my head can shut the h-e-double hockey stick up.  I just had my 4th baby, I'm doing GREAT at getting my strength back and dropping the post partum pounds.  Who CARES if my belly is still loose and poochy.  My family doesn't!  Although, I think it would be awesome to be 135 lbs at the picnic, but more than just the number, I'd like to be a bit more toned and STRONGER!  Which reminds me, I haven't tried my push-up today!

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