Friday, February 14, 2014


I'm sorry I haven't been posting.  My computer crashed and the borrowed one didn't support blogger very well, so my last post didn't have pics or links.

I ended up quitting the SCD/GAPS diet after the 5th week.  I had been experiencing strange symptoms since about the 3 week mark.  At first I held on wondering if it was just die-off, but they got worse and unlivable.  I lost 5 lbs with no effort.  I really didn't feel the desire to exercise while on the diet, so didn't.  But, I lost 5 lbs and was continuing to lose weight that I did not need to lose.  My skin was healing, but suddenly broke out again.  I experienced a 10 day long period (mine are usually 5-6 days).  My ovulation was so painful, I thought about going to the ER.  I had dizzy spells.  I became very irritable and even experienced some depression.

After doing some research online (yeah, I know....), it sounded like my carbohydrate levels were too low.  So, I slowly introduced some carbs, starting with sweet potatoes, potatoes and then sprouted grains.  I am now back on my usual balanced diet and I am pretty much back to normal.

I'm not writing the SCD/GAPS diet off completely.  I may try it again in the summer.  I'm also wondering if the symptoms may have been from the high consumption of nuts (almonds mostly) that I ate in the raw form rather than soaking and drying  to remove the phytic acid.

If I do the diet again, I plan on preparing the nuts properly.