Monday, October 8, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Avoiding My Afternoon Slump

With 4 young children, I can't afford to be exhausted and unable to concentrate.  However, I consistently deal with the afternoon slump.  My mind turns to a haze of jumbled thoughts and I can't seem to focus on any one in particular; and I feel like I could sleep for hours at a rip.

My best guess, according to the reading I've done for myself is that I have a blood sugar dip and possible adrenal issues, so I've begun a list of ways to combat the afternoon slump.

Exercise, especially in the morning.  It boosts blood flow and gets your system in gear for the rest of the day.  Also, exercising when you feel that slump starting can help push you past that slump.

Morning vitamins and protein help fuel the body for the day.  The healthier the fuel, the better your body functions.

Iron!  I'm almost always borderline anemic.  I have to remember to eat iron-rich foods, or drink nettle tea to keep me from being tired.

Small meals!  Eating a heavy, hard-to-digest lunch can slow the rest of your body down as it works to digest that rock in your stomach.  Eat small meals and supplement with:

Protein-rich snacks.  Forget the sugar-rush snacks of empty calories.  Grab a handful of almonds, or an apple with peanut butter or cheese instead.  It'll give your body something to use and fuel you up right.

And I reinterate, little to no sugar!  It makes your blood sugar rise, yes, but then it crashes even harder, plus it gives no nutrition for your body to use and fuel itself.

Stay hydrated.  A body fighting for water is going to wear you down...and probably bring on a headache, too.

Power nap.  If I need to, I take a quick power nap.  It does more for me an an hour or so snooze that I usually wake up just as groggy from.  Sometimes, just laying still for 5-10 minutes helps greatly, or even taking a moment to stretch my body and breathe deeply.

10 minutes of fresh air and daylight every day.  Being outside can help keep our internal clocks working properly.  Our bodies aren't designed to hide under artificial light day after day.

How do you avoid the afternoon slump?