Friday, February 14, 2014


I'm sorry I haven't been posting.  My computer crashed and the borrowed one didn't support blogger very well, so my last post didn't have pics or links.

I ended up quitting the SCD/GAPS diet after the 5th week.  I had been experiencing strange symptoms since about the 3 week mark.  At first I held on wondering if it was just die-off, but they got worse and unlivable.  I lost 5 lbs with no effort.  I really didn't feel the desire to exercise while on the diet, so didn't.  But, I lost 5 lbs and was continuing to lose weight that I did not need to lose.  My skin was healing, but suddenly broke out again.  I experienced a 10 day long period (mine are usually 5-6 days).  My ovulation was so painful, I thought about going to the ER.  I had dizzy spells.  I became very irritable and even experienced some depression.

After doing some research online (yeah, I know....), it sounded like my carbohydrate levels were too low.  So, I slowly introduced some carbs, starting with sweet potatoes, potatoes and then sprouted grains.  I am now back on my usual balanced diet and I am pretty much back to normal.

I'm not writing the SCD/GAPS diet off completely.  I may try it again in the summer.  I'm also wondering if the symptoms may have been from the high consumption of nuts (almonds mostly) that I ate in the raw form rather than soaking and drying  to remove the phytic acid.

If I do the diet again, I plan on preparing the nuts properly.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Day 7:

Breakfast: Smoothie, herbal tea

Lunch: Venison, roasted carrots, green beans, leftover grain-free pizza, water

Snack: dried apricots, dates, scones, water, apple and gouda

Dinner: french toast scrambled eggs with apple and pecans (2-3 eggs beaten with some water, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon), tangerine, water

Day 8:

Breakfast: fried eggs, tangerine, water

Lunch: cheese, carrots, 2 dried apricots, lentils, cauliflower, water

Snack: grain-free banana nut muffins

Dinner: spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, grain-free meatballs, water

Day 9:

Breakfast: smoothie, muffin
Lunch: carrots, sauerkraut, meatball, muffin
Snack: muffin, yogurt, date, coconut, pecans
Dinner: bacon cheeseburger (no bun), salad with oil and vinegar

Day 10:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, muffin, banana, water
Lunch: chicken and steamed veg, water with lemon
Snack: dried apricots, muffins, yogurt with dates and coconut, herbal tea, water
Dinner: chicken, mixed veg, navy beans, water

Day 11:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, muffin,  herbal tea
Lunch: 2 apricots, salad with skipjack tune, 1/2 avocado, carrots, oil and vinegar seasonings, lacto-fermented sauerkraut, water
Snack: 2 dates, apple with gouda, water
Dinner:  sausage and cabbage casserole, pea soup, water

Day 12:

Breakfast: smoothie, water
Lunch: leftover casserole, water
Snack: herbal tea, grain-free cupcake, raisin and nuts, tangerine
Dinner: cauliflower and cheese with mushrooms, squash, water

Day 13:

Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: dates, apple and cheese, water
Snack: cupcake, water, tangerines
Dinner: chicken, broccoli, mushroom olives and muenster cheese grain-free pizza, water

**This week was rougher for me.  I had dizzy spells starting on Monday.  Nothing severe, but I wondered what was causing it.  My (uneducated) guess is perhaps candida die-off.  I also learned that nettles are not allowed on the SCD diet and I often add nettles to my herbal tea.  In addition, I ate sweet corn in the mixed veg. 

For the coming week, I decided to try to eat fewer carb substitutes, lower my cheese intake and increase my broth intake.  I am not a fan of broth at all, so this'll be a challenge.

I am also adding some candida-killer ingredients to my foods, such as grapefruit seed extract, garlic and cinnamon. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why I Am Not Doing the GAPS Intro

I decided not to do the GAPS intro for two simple reasons:

1. I knew that if I had to restrict myself that much I'd fail.  I'd give up.  Even though skipping the intro may make it take longer to heal, I knew I had a good shot at being successful if I didn't restrict myself that much.

2.  I'm not severely ill.  I don't have Chron's or Colitis or Celiac.  I don't have Autism or Dyspraxia.  I simply have some symptoms of a gut that isn't working to par and I'd like to see if cleaning and healing my guts helps rid me of these issues.  Therefore, I don't feel that I absolutely need to do the intro.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Week one had some bumps, but overall, it went well for such a dietary change.

Day One:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs (water, not milk) over spinach with avocado topped with cheddar cheese.  Tangerine, herbal tea and water.

Lunch: chicken broth with chicken and mixed veg. *forgot that mixed veg has corn in it.  Picked out corn.  Side of raisins and almonds.  Water.

Dinner:  navy bean dip (soaked and cooked navy beans, garlic clove, olive oil, water pureed), mashed squash, carrots, water

Snack:  yogurt* with bananas, almonds, coconut and dates.  Water. *All yogurt mentioned is homemade.

Day Two

Breakfast: (shown above) Grain-free waffles with bananas and mixed berries cooked into a syrup.  Herbal Tea, water.

Lunch: Apples with cheese, raisins, dates, coconut oil, almonds, water, bean dip with carrots.

Dinner:  Mixed greens, 1/2 an avocado, cheese, tuna (packed in water, not broth or soybean oil), homemade dressing (olive oil, apple cider vinegar, water, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, italian seasoning), water.

Snack: tangerine, cherry tomato, carrots, gluten and dairy-free blondie with chocolate chips (I was at a New Year's Eve party and a guest really wanted me to try it when she heard I'd appreciate something like that.  Even though the rice flour and chocolate chips are not GAPS-legal, it was the best dessert choice for this diet there.)  Water.

Day Three:
Breakfast: smoothie (banana, frozen mixed berries, yogurt, coconut water, herbal blend, coconut oil, probiotic, raw egg), herbal tea, water.

Lunch:  salad w/olive oil, broccoli cheddar soup (hubby and I were at a restaurant.  In hindsight, I should have chosen chicken noodle and avoided the noodles, or just gone with the straight salad bar because the cheese was probably processed cheese food and it most likely contained soy and wheat), water with lemon.

Dinner: chicken, green beans, cauliflower, water

Snack: banana, yogurt, coconut, water, tangerine

Day Four:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and cheese, tangerine, herbal tea

Lunch: dates and coconut oil, chicken broth with broccoli and cheese, water

Dinner: grain-free meatloaf (ground beef, almond flour, seasonings, egg), squash, peas and carrots, water

Snack: grain free scones, water, yogurt with bananas

Day Five:
Breakfast: smoothie, herbal tea

Lunch: chicken broth with broccoli, sausage and cheese, water

Dinner: grain free fried catfish (shown below), lacto-fermented saurkraut, cauliflower, water
*To make the catfish, I blended almond flour with egg and water into a batter.  I dredged the catfish in almond flour and then did my best coating it with the batter.  Truth be told, the batter would not smooth onto the fish very well.  I then fried it in peanut oil.*

Snack: scones, 1 date, water

Day Six:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage (pure sausage, not seasoned or smoked), scone, herbal tea

Lunch: salad (spinach, carrots, apple, cold leftover grain-free fried catfish, gouda, pecans, lacto-fermented saurkraut, water

Dinner: grain free pizza with broccoli, mushrooms, olives, muenster cheese, water

Snack: scones, tea, yogurt with bananas, coconut and dates, water

**Over all, I don't feel too much different.  I seem to be having some symptoms that may be die-off symptoms, such as a day of tiredness, some very strong carb cravings, some gas/intestinal aches/bloating, and some skin eruptions.  I don't think I've gained or lost any weight.  I haven't exercised all week, but have rather been sleeping in as much as I can.