Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why I Am Not Doing the GAPS Intro

I decided not to do the GAPS intro for two simple reasons:

1. I knew that if I had to restrict myself that much I'd fail.  I'd give up.  Even though skipping the intro may make it take longer to heal, I knew I had a good shot at being successful if I didn't restrict myself that much.

2.  I'm not severely ill.  I don't have Chron's or Colitis or Celiac.  I don't have Autism or Dyspraxia.  I simply have some symptoms of a gut that isn't working to par and I'd like to see if cleaning and healing my guts helps rid me of these issues.  Therefore, I don't feel that I absolutely need to do the intro.


  1. Your reasons echo mine in my reluctance to do the intro diet. Although it does sound like a good cleanse. Everything I've read about the intro diet says it really zaps your energy levels and I don't think I could function at work like that. How are your energy levels? Good luck!

    1. I can't afford to lose my energy levels as well. I am happy to say that my energy levels are very good, especially for this time of year. I don't have a nasty "brain-fog," either.

      I had one day last week where I needed an afternoon lay-down, but my baby boy has been up a lot with teething, so that may have been it. It was also the day before my body started...(TMI WARNING)...BM cleansing really well. Response to the diet? Perhaps.