Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Skin Part 2: Beyond the Face

We stand nose to nose with our reflection in the mirror, examining our face.  Our face gets a lot of attention.  So much so that I've seen women with beautiful and obviously treated skin on their faces, but their neck, chest, and hands look their age or worse.

Our skin is our biggest organ.  It is our protection, even a filter of sorts.  We must care for it from head to toe.

Signs your skin is unhealthy and in need of attention include:

body acne
sun spots/liver spots
dryness and flaking
carbuncles (usually found on the buttocks ie: butt acne)
loss of elasticity, especially pre-menopausal
cherry angiomas

Do and Don'ts of body skin care:

1. Don't wash your body when it doesn't need washing.
2. Do wash your body when it does.
3. Don't use harsh commercial soaps.
4. Do use a gentle, homemade soap, commerical additive-free soap, or castile soap.
5. Don't use commerical body lotions.
6. Do use a gentle massage oil, such as sweet almond oil.
7. Do treat touble spots with herbal remedies, apple cider vinegar, or witch hazel.
8. Don't eat processed, sugar-laden foods.  Yes, foods can affect the state of your skin!
9. Do stay hydrated.
10. Don't wear binding clothing frequently.
11. Do spend some time each day in the buff, even if it is just sleeping in the buff.
12. Don't wear synthetic clothing, or highly chemically-treated clothing.  (If you can.  This would be a hard goal to achieve.)
13. Start buying organic clothing when and where you can.
14. Do get sun on your skin (without any sunblock).
15. Don't allow your skin to sunburn!
16. Don't smoke!
17. Do exercise and let yourself sweat it out!
18. Do keep your razor blade clean and disinfected.
19. Do get enough sleep.
20. Do treat yourself to healthful massages to get the blood flowing!  Make sure your massage therapist uses  natural oils for your skin and not commercial lubricant concoctions.

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