Thursday, April 19, 2012

Researching the Benefits of Sunbathing

I haven't sun bathed in decades, literally! Of course, anyone who grew up in the 80's and 90's remembers all the warnings against sunbathing. All our sun-worshipping parents and grandparents were wrinkled and cancerous, after all. They blamed the sun, but it could have been their smoking, stress, and poor eating habits of post WWII (more processed, artificial, canned foods). Now, I'm not saying I'm right. I'm just mulling things over here.

I avoided the sun because I was told to. I had bad acne and was told the sun would make it worse. (Then how come my skin actually IMPROVES when I do get tanned while working in my garden?) Skin cancer was in my family. I'm freckly, so it must be avoided. But, something didn't quite click. Slathering chemical-laden sunscreen over every pore of my body didn't exactly sound healthy. And then there were the contradictions:

1. My acne would clear up and the scars would fade.
2. I always had a yellow undertone to my skin. It was just assumed it was my complexion. Everything considered, I've probably had liver damage for quite some time! Jaundice, anyone? Having improved my diet, exercise and sun exposure, my skin has more neutral undertones to it.
3. When my babies were born, I was told to stick them in the sunlight to heal their jaundice. Sunlight on newborns?! Of course, it healed them faster than anything.
4. After responsible sunbathing or sun exposure, I feel stronger, more alert, and more focused. Vitamin D is so necessary for all of this. During my "indoor" years, I was pale, thin but flabby, moody and unfocused.
5. I read THIS article not too long ago. And yes, I've tried sunning my belly to improve digestion and I feel it works.

Then, I came across THIS informative article, which gave me more food for thought. Although there is a line where the author says to look at the sun to improve vision. I do believe he means facing the sunlight, not looking directly at the sun, which can blind you.

I'm going to continue my research. You can, too, if this interests you. Just google "benefits of sunbathing" and see what you come up with!

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