Saturday, March 10, 2012

Raw Camel Milk for Autism and More?!

Mark Rowe from "Dirty Jobs" at America's First Camel Dairy
Oasis Camel Dairy

Hmmm.....if I were to have a camel dairy, I'd name is Drom-e-Dairy! Haha! Get it? Never mind.

All joking aside, twice this week I've come across information online about how beneficial raw camel milk is to people, especially for treating those with Autism. Oasis Camel Dairy lists the benefits on their website. Here are other online links touting the benefits of camel milk:

Camel Milk USA (Promotion for camel milk sales in USA) Includes articles on benefits of camel milk for diabetics and children with food allergies!

Unfortunately, camel milk, especially raw camel milk (pasteurization may ruin the benefits of the milk) is unavailable in the USA unless you raise and train your own camels. I look forward to the day when we will be able to have these nutritional options available to us. They can dump aspartame and MSG in hundreds of "food" products for us to consume, but we cannot get God-created, natural foods so easily. It's sad, especially when people, especially children, could benefit so greatly from them.


  1. wow thats really interesting! I wish I could hear of something like this that could help my son's apraxia (his speech disorder...we talked briefly about in on fb). Maybe it would help since his apraxia is neurological? many children with autism do have does it help the autistic children exactly? sorry if you posted a link to this specifically...i must have missed it

  2. wait..sorry, yes i read the link above..i guess i was looking for more about if there was a change in verbal skills of the children with autism, not as much sensory and dietary.