Sunday, March 4, 2012

Helping Your Fellow Man

Oftentimes, in the spirit of wanting to help, I've noticed that people, including myself, are quick to give advice, to admonish, to suggest, etc, but slow to act. It's easy to tell someone to stop buying factory meats and conventional produce and go local organic instead, but to them it may be a daunting step, not to mention an expense they may not be prepared to take on.

I'm an advocate of small steps towards the greater good when it comes to healthy eating, but sometimes even those small steps need a crutch, a helping hand, an usher in the right direction. Perhaps you know those who are completely lost in the world of processed foods. Perhaps you know those who WANT to eat better, but their income levels prevent it, even with cutting back every expense possible. Whatever the reason or excuse, advice is good, but action is better.

How do you help your fellow man eat better?

You could:

1. Offer to go shopping with them or take them to the farmer's market.
2. Share your bounty, whether or CSA bounty, farm find, or your own garden's harvest.
3. Cook them healthful meals on occasion.
4. If they are willing, respectfully go through their pantry and grocery budget and help them get the most nutritional bang for their buck.

What would you do if you were faced with a sudden crash in income but still wanted to maintain your better eating choices? Let's face it, organic can be expensive at times when placed against conventional choices.

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