Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Compromise? I don't think so!

Ok, I'll be honest and up front here. I do compromise some on my food choices. Homemade cookies and commercial cold cereals are weaknesses. Currently, my kids and husband eat Bimbo bread, although I'd love for them to eat my homemade bread. My bread baking skills aren't up to snuff, yet. My kiddos get juice once in a blue moon. Daddy likes to treat them to donut holes and Grandpa likes to give them several skittles when they visit. But these are mostly TREATS, not regularly consumed.

We are all entitled to a little food compromise, I think. I have no problem with people choosing to eat garbage foods, so long as they aren't doing so ignorantly, or worse yet, under deception (like margarine is so NOT a health food!)

However, I will not, cannot cave to convenience foods for long term just because it's easier on my current condition. I caved during my bad morning sickness weeks. My kids lived easy processed foods. I felt horrible giving them the garbage, but I literally could not even walk into my kitchen without heaving. Hubby was working 5 hours away at the time, so he couldn't help.

Now, I face "limited mobility" for my pregnancy due to some complications. It isn't strict bedrest, thank God, but I can't do a lot of things I normally used to. One of the first bits of well-meaning advice I got was, "bulk up on pasta and easy to make foods." I very unthankfully did that snotty 1990's teenage gesture of sticking my finger in my mouth and pretending to gag.

That is something I can't do anymore. I simply can't. We were all so sickly after my morning sickness bout from eating that junky food! Besides, it doesn't even TASTE good to me anymore. Sure, we eat a little pasta, but not every day of the week! Microwave it?! No way! Casseroles, canned products, frozen meals....if I have to stay in bed all day and let my toilet grow a new species so I am able to cook decent meals, then I will.

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