Friday, November 13, 2015

Plastic Problem

The other evening my husband watched a program on the excessive use of plastics these days and the dangers they pose.  The program was called Plastic Paradise and is available on Netflix Instant.

I didn't watch it, but I was in the next room preparing homeschool lessons and listening in.  Even IF (and I say if because I am not accusing nor dismissing) the program was agenda-based and sensationalized, it still was eye opening to just how much plastic we have!  

A century ago we lived without plastic.  In some ways it was better and in other ways it was so much worse.

Plastic is useful.  It has helped lives and saved lives.

But it has hurt us, too.

Several years ago, my sister and I considered a great reduction in our plastic usage.  We tried, but time, money (lack thereof), and life stresses got in the way and we largely forgot our venture.

I'd love to revive it again, but can I?  Could you?

I'd like to try.

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