Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Back from the Dentist

My second bi-yearly cleaning happened today.
I left the office with such sore gums.
It wasn't the fault of the dental hygienist.  She was great!
It's my body's fault.
After a little discussion, we concluded that I have caustic saliva...and a LOT of it.
Apparently, drooling on my pillow at night isn't just fodder for teasing.
It causes tartar build-up and weakens my enamel.
So, I have to go back and have a cavity filled right before Christmas.
Boo....Hiss!!  I went 12 years without a cavity!
I wonder if it is the result of having started drinking coffee this year.

Regardless, when I go back in May for my next cleaning, I want there to be as little digging and scraping as possible.
But how can I avoid the inevitable?

For starters, I am increasing my carb decreasing.
Not sure I want to give up coffee, though.
But, I am going to oil pull.
If I had the extra money, I could buy fermented cod liver oil and x-factor butter oil.
More water in my diet is likely needed, too.

Any other ideas on how to reduce acidic saliva and salvage tooth enamel?

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