Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Thoughts on Grains

There are varying views on grains, whether they are healthy or not and whether people are getting sick on them or not.  From nutritional expert to layman, opinions abound on the matter.  I decided to add my own opinion to the matter.  I have no medical authority.  I have simply been studying health and nutrition for myself for nearly 2 decades.

Are grains bad for you?  I don't believe they are.  However, I do believe that people are getting sick from eating grains.  I believe that in general, people are losing the ability to properly digest grains.  But why?

1.  Our Western (American) diet is overloaded with grain products and thus some of us are developing an intolerance and allergy to being over exposed to grains.

2.  Our generally poor diet and chemical exposure had damaged our guts, even across generations, making it harder for some people to digest grains.

3.  Formula feeding and not breast feeding our babies long enough and putting them on grain-based foods as their first foods is damaging some people's ability to digest grains.

4.  Our grains are mass produced on depleted soils and not as healthy as they ought to be.

5.  Our grains are overly processed into undigestable non-foods.

6.  Our grains are not properly prepared (sprouted or soaked).

I do not believe that we were created or evolved to not eat grains.  I do believe God gaves us grains as part of our diet.  I also believe that some people simply cannot eat grains or gluten products, just like some people can't tolerate dairy or strawberries or nuts.

Some people learn they can eat grains if they are properly prepared (soaked or sprouted).  Others learn they just need to limit their grains and not rely on them as the foundation of their meals.  Still others have to eliminate grains or gluten for a time and heal their guts before slowly reintroducing grains into their diet.  Some can never eat grains or gluten again.  Some find that returning to grains made in a more traditional manner (such as eating oatmeal rather than puffed cold cereals) is better for them.

I also believe that we should not ascribe to a false sense of health by needlessly eliminating grains or gluten just to try a fad diet plan or unsupported dietary dogma.  Just because one person actually does well on a certain dietary lifestyle doesn't mean you will, too.  Health is personal.

So, don't panic and think you need to eliminate grains or gluten from your diet.  Research it for yourself and see what's best.  Don't jump onto the gluten-free or grain-free bandwagon just because it's the latest dietary fad.  Find what works for you.

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