Monday, August 20, 2012

10 Ways to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

Depending on where you live, the children are starting to return to school.  With that great exodus of summer comes the cold and flu season.  While the weather is nice, there are ways to prepare for the cold and flu season to help prevent you from catching those nasty bugs, or at least weaken the germs and strengthen your immune system:

1.  Clean up your diet!  Stop eating junk foods, processed foods, and "diet" foods!  All they do is make your body work harder against the onslaught of chemicals and empty calories leaving less energy to work on your immune system!

2.  Exercise, especially in the fresh air!  Exercise is a great immune booster.  Fresh air is cleansing.

3.  Vitamin C!  Yes, it works!  Eat Vitamin C-rich foods.  If you choose to take a supplement, choose wisely and seek organic if you can.

4.  Another great supplement is Nature's Plus Animal Parade Children's Immune Booster.  I use this for my children and I and it works!

5. Ederberry Syrup!  The immune booster of the Native Americas works for everyone!

6. Echinacea is another immune boosting herb.

7. Turmeric Milk!  I came across this article on Turmeric Milk!  I'm definitely adding it to my immune boosting list!

8.  Bulk Herb Store has an herbal mix that helps boost your immune system.  You can find it HERE.

9.  Get your sleep!  With the earlier setting of the sun, take a cue and go to bed!

10.  Chicken soup.  Good ol' chicken soup made with homemade stock is a great immune booster and system supporter.

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