Saturday, February 18, 2012

In a Pickle!

Spring is just around the corner even though it doesn't feel like it. With Spring comes the picnic planning. And what's a picnic without pickles?

As my label reading obsession grows, I grabbed a jar of pickles off the shelf at the grocery store. I turned it over and discovered that it contained artificial coloring. I put it back and grabbed another brand, and another, and another. They ALL had artificial coloring in it.* The pickle juice isn't naturally that color, after all. I finally settled on an expensive jar of the store brand organic pickles that contained only all natural ingredients. Thankfully, the taste is worth the price. Far tastier than the conventional brands!

Better yet, make your own quick pickles at home! Slice up your cukes and place them in a bowl of vinegar, olive oil, and your favorite seasonings and let them sit in the fridge overnight.

Even better, lacto-ferment your own pickles! (Nourishing Traditions)

So, watch out for those sneaky artificial colors!

*Why are artificial colors so unhealthy? Find out HERE, and HERE, and HERE

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