Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gluten and Casein Free?!

Last week on Facebook, Far Above Rubies had a Q&A with Shoshanna from Bulk Herb Store. I was able to ask Shoshanna what I should be doing now while pregnant to ensure that my milk supply won't dry up before a year like it always has. She suggested a gluten and casein free diet.

I admit, I'm a carb and dairy-a-holic. Could I really do this? Would it really help? Shoshanna suggested this as a way for my body to heal and avoid the added phytic acids, hormones, estrogen-like compounds, and other hormone-attacking gunk. Basically, she said that for some reason my hormones aren't telling my body what to do correctly. That makes sense to me. But can I really go gluten and casein free?

I'll be honest, I don't think I can. Unless I knew absolutely for sure that taking this route would give me breast milk until baby decides to wean, it probably isn't going to happen. But Shoshanna is right about being mindful of our gluten and casein. I've decided I can take steps such as limiting my gluten and casein intake. I can also modify it by soaking my grains and culturing my dairy. I can remove cheese (well, maybe not feta). I can refuse any product with soy in it. I can research more gluten-free options.

I can also research and ask advice.

If you are gluten and/or casein free, please tell me how it has improved your health.

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