Monday, October 7, 2013

Take Care of Yourself...Please!

No, really!  PLEASE, I am begging you to take better care of yourself!

I recently spent a few hours of my life in an ER waiting room (not for me) and it was a sad display.

There are those who have their health taken from them.  They normally take care of themselves, but age, injury, cancer, or something else has stolen their health from them.

And then there are those who've never really bothered to take care of themselves.  They've smoked, drank, ate junk foods, stayed sedentary, and wasted their brains on TV shows and their minds on bad attitudes and useless grudges.  Most were late-middle-aged to elderly.  Many probably still had a chance to turn their health around, but most likely will rely on pharmaceuticals to get them by.

I know, I probably sound judgemental.  I'm not walking in their shoes, but it did get me thinking.  The time to start taking care of yourself for your older years is NOW!  Age and ill-health are going to come, but you can at least reduce and/or delay the impact it has on you NOW!

Cut out the processed junk!
Get up and move!
Eat healthy foods!
Drink water!
Get fresh air!
Turn off the TV!
Seek the Lord!
Throw away chemicals and use natural alternatives!

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