Thursday, October 10, 2013

Detoxifying Twists

I thought it was just health nut mumbo jumbo....twist your torso and detoxify....but, in practicality, there seems to be something to it!  Since I started doing the twists, I am no longer bloated or...ahem...constipated.  Plus, it feels sooooooo good on the back.

Consider it a hug for your internal organs.  Wringing them out, you move digestion, gas, and perhaps even toxins along their paths...out.

Here are some popular twists to do.  Yeah, I'm stealing them from google images.  I was going to do my own pictures, but I figured these would show proper form better than I can and that's important:

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  1. Definitely going to print some of these pictures and try them out! Thank you for posting 😊