Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zero Waste Home Book

Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home has her book available for pre-order now in paperback or kindle!  I am looking forward to ordering this book and reading it for some great ideas on reducing waste and clutter; simplifying our home and improving our health and perhaps even finances.

For those who don't know what a Zero Waste Home is, check out this youtube video:

Now, I know many people watch this video, shake their head and think, "no way!"  It is a HUGE lifestyle shift and the challenge leaves many (as I've read from commenters on her blog) on the defense.  Bea never comes across as demanding or better than her readers or "this is how you must do it."  She simply blogs about HER choices and lifestyle and gives gentle advice and straight facts on how it is done and can be achievable.

Am I striving to be zero waste?  Honestly, no.  It does take a combined family effort, a huge commitment and a strong backbone (and thick skin) to achieve true Zero Waste.  I don't have all of those factors.  But, Bea does give GREAT advice on how to limit waste.  Every little bit truly does help.  It helps mankind.  It helps the future.  It helps the earth.  It helps ourselves.  Beyond that, the simplicity one can approach by utilizing many of Bea's ideas leaves us open for greater things...like helping others and spending more time with those we love.

*Bea Johnson is in no way affiliated with my blog and I am not being paid to discuss her book or blog.

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