Thursday, March 28, 2013


A couple years ago at a local farm, I purchased a small container of turmeric, not really knowing what it was used for.  Turns out I bought one of the best medicinal herbs out there!

Turmeric is:  "A bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the rhizome of a plant of the ginger family, used for flavoring and coloring in Asian cooking and formerly as a fabric dye." Google Dictionary

Turmeric is a great immune booster.  When cold season is upon is, and especially when colds begin, I add turmeric to homemade chicken soup for an added immune boost.  I also fill capsules with turmeric to take as an immune boosting supplement.

Currently, my household is using turmeric in capsules as an anti-inflammatory to treat ulcerative colitis.  I also add turmeric powder to orange juice (yeah, I know, orange juice isn't the most healthy thing to drink, but it is chock full of vitamin C and a great mask for turmeric) and give it to my oldest child who has bronchitis.

Other benefits include:


There is also an entire website about the health benefits of turmeric!

You can purchase organic turmeric HERE, HERE, from a Christian source HERE, or in capsule form HERE.

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